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Getting Started with your Landscape Lighting Project

Is there a consultation fee?
There is no charge for a consultation or preliminary design.

How do I get started?
We begin by talking to the client to determine the objectives of the lighting design. A field study illumination plan and proposal are prepared for your review.

In some cases a demonstration is set up to illustrate the lighting plan.

What is the average cost?
Our projects vary widely in scope. LED fixtures start at $275. Almost all of our new installations are 100% LEDs. Specialized fixtures may cost more. These special fixtures include in-ground well-lights, fixtures mounted high in trees, fixtures made of copper or other special materials, and H.I.D. fixtures.

Our price includes installation of the fixture, but does not include running electrical power, electrical connections or controls. Costs for running electrical power will vary with trenching requirements and the project.

We never have a problem working within a budget.

Is the price turn-key?
The price is turn-key if you use our electrician. However, if you have an electrician you would prefer to use, we will be happy to provide electrical schematics and to meet with him to answer any questions he may have.

What happens once I sign the contract and tell you to go ahead?
Once you've given us the go ahead, we order your fixtures from our manufacturers. At this time a fixture plan and electrical plan are completed.

Once the fixtures arrive, usually in less than two weeks, if they are not in stock already, we assemble them and stage all materials we will need for your lighting design. Next we will install the fixtures. The electrician will then run power as indicated in our electrical drawing and specified in our schematics.

When is the job done?
The lighting design is reviewed at a "night-set" when we will walk the property and confirm that each light is doing what it was intended to do. The job is complete when the client says it is. If any fixture is not satisfactory for any reason, we will remove it and credit the account.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. All fixtures, lamps, transformers, and electrical work are guaranteed for 1 year. Damage resulting from excavation, landscaping, construction, hurricanes, flooding, or lightning are not covered.

How do I operate my lighting system?
Our experience is that most of our clients want to keep it as simple as possible. We usually supply a timer-controller with an astronomical clock. This avoids having to change the "on" time as sunset varies with the seasons.

How do I maintain my lighting system?
Lightscapes is a design and build company. It is important to us that your system looks its best in the years ahead. Your landscaper and electrician will play a key role in maintaining your system.

Your lighting system has been designed to withstand the elements. Your landscape lighting needs a minimum amount of maintenance to keep it looking its' best. Because your landscaping is alive and growing, it will need adjustments from time to time. Your landscaper can assist by pruning back shrubs and trees around your fixtures. A little extra care by your landscaper will keep your fixtures free of debris.

An annual system check is recommended.

Electrical problems should be handled by a qualified electrician.

Will the lighting installation damage my trees or property?
Every reasonable effort will be made to avert damages. However, it is possible that buried irrigation lines or other utilities may be damaged during trenching. It is the client's responsibility to identify and uncover any underground lines or utilities as described above prior to the commencement of work. The repair of damages resulting from digging and trenching to underground irrigation lines, gas lines, wiring, oil tanks, septic systems, other utilities, etc. are the client's responsibility.

All fixtures and electrical boxes attached to trees are mounted using stand-offs. This means no fixture or electrical equipment is in contact with your trees. This protects both your trees and the fixtures.

We have a licensed arborist on staff that reviews any issue where the health of the tree or safety is a concern.

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