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There have been some great advancements in lighting in the last few years. Most notable is the development of the light emitting diode, LEDs.

Almost all of our installations are now 100% LEDs.

Some of the advantages of LED's include:

  • Energy savings of 70% to 90%.

  • Long Life of up to 50,000 hours, 10 to 20 times the life of incandescent lamps.

  • Safety LED's can utilize virtually any voltage, including 12 volt low voltage power, increasing the safety of the installation.

  • Color LED's come in the several different color temperatures which enables the designer to match the light color to the plant material to enhance the lighting effect.

  • Size LED's are very compact. This means smaller fixtures, a cleaner less conspicuous look, as well as more options and flexibility.

  • Green No toxins, no mercury to go along with lower energy consumption.

  • Savings The initial cost is more for the LED, however, the energy and maintenance savings will cover the initial costs, usually in 2 to 3 years, depending on usage

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